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"Our company has been a member of the TCLA for several years.  The longer we’re involved, the more we receive from it.  By being a member you’ll find yourself surrounded by successful business owners in your industry that experience the same obstacles that you do.  Through these relationships you’ll network with people that can help you find answers, save money  and grow your business."
- Cy Yates, President, Crown Logistic Services
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Legislative Initiative

For years, The TCLA has been a powerful voice for the Courier and Logistics industry in the State of Texas. This year’s success in regards to the State Margin Tax was a cumulative effort of our legislative team and lobbyist over the last three years. Our recent victory will afford companies who comply with the new ruling (SB1) some advantages and savings under the of the new Margin tax law for this year. This victory will save our members and our industry crucial dollars needed for reinvestment into new equipment, employees and expansion.
However, this victory could not have been accomplished if it wasn’t for our lobbyist and our legislative fund contributors and members who actively supported the legislative fund and reached out to their local representatives.
With your support, the TCLA can continue its efforts going forward keeping you abreast and educated on the latest legislation that could affect your business. The TCLA legislative team and our lobbyist are in Austin on a regular basis working with State Representatives, legislators and governing bodies to keep your best interests at the forefront.

Your support of the TCLA will provide the association the funds to continue our lobbying efforts and to support candidates that understand and support our industry.

Recent Victories and looming legislation
  • State Margin Tax –  TCLA victory for our industry. SB1
  • Cell Phone Use
  • Mileage Tax
  • Service Sales Tax
  • Independent Contractor Status Reclassification
Courier, logistics and transportation companies wishing to support the TCLA legislative fund can use the contribution form below. If you have any questions about the TCLA’s legislative committee initiatives please contact Eric Donaldson at

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    Senate Bill 1 Recap

    Senate Bill 1
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