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Working to improve business conditions in Texas for the Courier and Logistics industry.
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"The TCLA has been and still is a great organization for its members across the State. Our collective efforts have resulted in favorable legislative changes for our industry which will result in tax savings to my company, not just potential savings ….. real savings. Also the TCLA conference is a chance for competitors to meet and let our guard down so we can socialize. This makes for friendly competition as well as developing new relationships.  I am proud to be a member and to have served on the Board."
- Willie Frost, President, Data Rush

Our membership is from all around Texas.

Member Advantages

PRIMARY Reason: Competitive Advantage - Companies that have access to all the contacts, education, networking,industry news and other services and information providedby the TCLA have a distinct and definite competitiveadvantage over companies that don't.

Networking and alliance building

Networking is the basis for alliance building in TCLA. Meeting colleagues in the same industry and having the ability to share similar issues and challenges that face the transportation industry are what brings many of our members to our organization.

Education and training

TCLA provides a forum for educational information within the transportation and also in other areas that are indirectly related to our business, such as Marketing, HR, and Leadership. Such educational and training events will be held for members throughout the year in the form of seminars, workshops, and networking events.

Legislative monitoring and alerts

Through our many contacts at the State Legislative level, the TCLA is equipped to tackle legislative issues on a proactive basis rather than a reactive basis. This also allows members an opportunity to monitor all incoming legislation that may be detrimental to the courier business.

Vendor information and programs

The TCLA has several affiliate members who offer expert information and provide services pertinent to our industry, sometimes at reduced prices through membership in the TDLA.

Annual Conference

The TCLA yearly members’ conference is a time for networking and meeting your peers in the industry. The conference is also packed with instructional sessions. And, the conference always provides a keynote speaker with a powerful message to take back to the office.

Source of Information

TCLA has provided a "members only” message board on their website, which allows members an opportunity to get on line and send messages regarding various questions or information.
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The Texas Courier & Logistics association (TCLA) is a non-profit industry association for the Courier and Logistics industry.
 Formed in 2006
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We are your only voice for and in the State of Texas.


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